Our next photography experiences will be the Big Cat Photography workshop at Colchester Zoo on 15 June 2018 and
the Basic Nature Photography course at Bradgate Park on 6 July 2018.

Only 2 spaces are still available on the BCP workshop but plenty of spaces are still available for the full day photography course.

Terms and Conditions (Course Booking)

All photography courses, advisory photo days and photography workshops (photo courses/days), organised by Barbara's Big Cat and Nature Photography are subject to the following Terms and Conditions. By booking any of our photo courses/days, you confirm that you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

Please contact us via info@bigcatphotography.co.uk if you have any questions, or ask our staff.

Booking Process
All of our photo courses/days can be booked via our web page web page (www.bigcatphotography.co.uk). The booking process is launched through the completion of the booking enquiry form for the photo course/day, you would like to attend. Unless the web page indicate limited availability, you can proceed directly to reserve or secure your space(s) through a payment (click on the ‘Purchase Link’ in the confirmation message).

Your place on the selected photo course/day will be reserved through the payment of the deposit, or respectively it will be secured and confirmed when you pay the fee for the photo course/day in full. The completion of the booking enquiry form alone does not guarantee a place on the selected photo course/day (we will block the space only for a maximum of 48 hours; only 24 hours when submitting the enquiry less than 4 weeks prior to the photo day/course).

All photo courses/days must be booked and confirmed as such in advance. As our photo courses/days are generally tailored for small groups, and as arrangements for the day are made with the venues prior to the event date, we are unfortunately unable to accept bookings or participants joining us on the day.

Payments can be made via PayPal either through your own PayPal account or by debit or credit card (you don’t need to have a PayPal account to submit your payment through this service provider). Alternatively we can accept also payments via direct bank transfer.

If bookings are made well in advance of the photo course/day (more than 4 weeks prior to the event), reservations can be made for the photo courses/days by paying a deposit. The deposit will be 30% of the photo course/day fee or a minimum payment of £50 (whichever is higher). The deposit is not refundable and not transferable to another booking, unless otherwise agreed in advance. This applies to all photo course/day bookings.

The full fee is due 4 weeks prior to the photo course/day. If the full payment is still outstanding 28 days prior to the event, the reservation will no longer be guaranteed, i.e. the place may be given to a fully paying customer, if we have not received your payment and have not heard from you. Due to limited resources we are unfortunately unable to follow-up on outstanding payments and rely on our customers to make the full payment to secure their spaces.

Depending on the venue age restriction may apply, e.g. some venues apply a minimum age of 16 years and some of 18 years. Please enquire at the time of booking whether age restriction are imposed by the venue of your choice. Our staff will advise about age restriction and other requirements for the photo course/day participation by minors.

Due to the nature of our photo courses/days, we can generally not accept guests to come along. Based on the fact that some of our venues are public venues, partners, friends and family members can of course visit the venue on the same day.

Your booking will be confirmed in writing, generally via e-mail, once we have received the full payment. With the confirmation, you will receive also a provisional programme for the photo course/day and direction to the venue.

Once photo course/day bookings are confirmed for a specified person, these are not transferable to another person. Photo courses/days can however be booked in form of gift vouchers. Gift vouchers have to be paid in full at the time of purchase. The vouchers are numbered and can be made out for a particular photo course/day. Alternatively, the recipient of a gift voucher will need to contact Big Cat and Nature Photography to book a date and venue for the appropriate event. This booking will then be confirmed in writing as outlined above.

If not made out for a specific photo course/day, gift vouchers are being issued with a specified expiry date (usually a year from the day of booking) and will need to be redeemed before this date. If in exceptional circumstances the voucher holder will be unable to attend the specified course date or any of the dates available for the specific photo course/day before the expiry date, Big Cat and Nature Photography will try to help the voucher holder to attend the photo course/day at a later date. This will however need to be discussed and confirmed at least 4 weeks prior to the event or expiry date, and an extension will only be possible for a maximum of 6 months. Any changes to a gift voucher are subject to an administration fee of £25 and the voucher holder will need to pay also any costs resulting from the changes, e.g. an increased venue fee.

Once a photo course/day has been confirmed in writing, the fee will not be refundable. It may be possible to reschedule your booking to another photo course/day date once, if the cancellation is made at least 4 weeks prior to the photo course/day. The re-arranged photo course/day will need to be within 6 months following the originally booked date. The changes are subject to an administration fee of £25 and the course participant/s will need to pay any costs resulting from the changes, e.g. an increased venue fee. Please note that cancelling the attendance at a photo course/day is only possible once. Furthermore, please be advised that participants, who simply don’t come on the day, are considered as cancellation.

Big Cat and Nature Photography reserves the right to cancel photo course/days, if circumstances (weather or other reasons) may make the photo course/day unsafe for participants, the animals and/or the staff at the wildlife venue. We will endeavour to avoid cancellations by changing the programme to ensure safety, but we will not risk the safety of our customers, the animals and/or staff at the wildlife venues. Cancellations or significant programme changes will be advised in writing (usually by e-mail). We hope this will never happen, but if circumstances arise, which make photo courses/days unsafe, a short-term cancellation is possible.

Besides limiting the maximum number of participants per photo course/day generally to 8, Big Cat and Nature Photography is applying also a minimum number of 4 participants to most of our photo courses/days. If a course has less than 4 participants two weeks prior to the event, we unfortunately will need to cancel the event and will offer our customers either a rescheduling of the event booking or a refund of the full fee.

As photo courses/days are financially only viable with a minimum number of 5 participants, any cancellations by customers 4 weeks or less prior to the event date will lead to the loss of the possibility to reschedule the attendance to another photo course/day to a later date.

Photography Course and Photo Day Venues
Big Cat and Nature Photography offers photo courses/day at a number of venues. These venues will provide our customers and us with access to their animals’ enclosures to different degrees. In all cases, customers need to make sure they are aware of the health and safety rules at the wildlife venue and that they are following these at all times.

Big Cat and Nature Photography cannot be hold responsible for any injuries or damage, resulting from negligent behaviour of participants and/or participants not following instructions of the health and safety briefing, provided by our and/or the venue's staff.

Photo course/day participants are solely responsible for their personal belongings and need to make sure that they keep them either on themselves at all times or store them in a safe place. Big Cat and Nature Photography may be able to advise on storage facilities, but they cannot be hold responsible for any loss or damage that is not due to their neglect.