Our next photography experiences will be the Birds of Prey & Leopard photo day at the Rutland Falconry on 12 May 2018 and
the Big and Small Wild Cats photo day at the Cat Survival Trust on 18 May 2018.

Spaces are still available on both events.

Lynx (© Roger Gould)

Lynx (© Roger Gould) - Cat Survival Trust - Customer Images

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Lynx (© Jo Powell)

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Lynx (© Jo Powell)
Lynx (© Stephanie Knight)
Spider Web at Serval Cat Enclosure (© Stephanie Knight)
Snow Leopards (© Jo Powell)
Puma (© Stephanie Knight)
Puma (© Jo Powell)
Puma (© Peter Knight)
Amur Leopards (© Jo Powell)
Amur Leopard (© Peter Knight)
Jaguar (© Peter Knight)
Clouded Leopard (© Roger Gould)
Puma (© Roger Gould)
Serval Cat (© Roger Gould)
Pumas (© Roger Gould)
Amur Leopard (© Roger Gould)